Graphene and Solar Technolog

High-Tech Manufacturing HPQS Facility


Graphene & Solar Technologies is a high-tech refining and processing production group is focused on the production of commercial quantities of High Purity Quartz Sand (“HPQ”), an essential component necessary to be able to manufacture PV Solar Panels, Semi-conductors and in fact all high-end electronics. The longevity of GST is also assured as it has extensive supplies of its primary feedstock raw material for refining HPQ located at it’s wholly owned HP silica mineral deposits (JORC 14 m. tonnes) in FNQ, Australia.

GST’s primary focus is on re-establishing its highly profitable production of commercial quantities (30,000 tpa.) of High Purity Quartz Sand from new commercial facilities in both Australia and the USA.

About Graphene and Solar Technologies

High Purity Quartz

High Purity Quartz Sand (HPQS) is a vital industrial component necessary for the production of all high-end electronics, semi-conductors, and importantly Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels. None of these vital products can be manufactured without a reliable supply of consistent purity HPQS.

There are only three (3) commercial HPQS factories globally that have the capability of processing raw quartz into commercial grade HPQS. They are located in the USA, Norway, and the Arctic Circle.

Global demand for HPQS far exceeds existing world production. The GST team attained the technical knowledge and expertise necessary to manufacture HPQS, after working in Port Melbourne for more than three years with the worlds’ two (2) leading experts, validating and confirming the precise processing techniques to manufacture commercial grade quality and quantities of HPQS.


Differentiate GST from other quartz sand producers on the basis of:

  • Maximise value from the ownership/exclusive access to extremely rare, high purity quartz deposits
  • World class technical know-how of its management team following 4 years trialling.
  • Position the GST brand as a top 3 supplier to strong growth solar PV /semi-conductor industries.
  • Sustainably produce and sell high margin products through low cost benefication.
  • Sell bi-product into diverse and high value High Purity Filler and Epoxy Moulding Compound markets.
  • Sales and marketing via existing strong Asian customer relationship base.
  • Expose product sales to strong market and price fundamentals to maximise value

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